Multi-cavity blow molds

January 22, 2021

Latest company news about Multi-cavity blow molds

Blow moulds from 50ML-1L Multi-cavity



1. Control system: Programmable control has the function of parameter storage and mobilization, quick response, accurate positioning and high stability in operation. Man-machine interface touch screen is used in the operation panel. All actions are visualized, such as parameter setting, product counting and so on. Self-judgment of equipment failure shows that the operation is simple.


2. Hydraulic system: imported hydraulic valves, seals, electro-hydraulic proportional control. It has the characteristics of stability, reliability, accurate movement, long service life and fast response. Other imported hydraulic systems are optional.


3. Extrusion system: blow moulding machine adopts hard gear box and imported frequency converter, which has the characteristics of screw frequency conversion speed regulation, low noise, strong power, stable speed, long service life and energy saving; mixing screw, wide applicability of raw materials, better plasticizing quality.


Fully automatic extrusion blow moulding machine with automatic production, high energy saving, low noise, fast speed, high efficiency, safety and reliability, is widely used in toys, food, beverage, chemical industry, washing products and other plastic packaging industries, with high cost performance.


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